TBA Group are experts in the Office Equipment Sector, covering multi-functional devices / network printers / photocopiers / managed print services (MPS) + Mailroom / Postroom / Franking.


We work with Clients to remove the time, problems and frustrations which arise when trying to review this area of spend PRODUCTIVELY and ACCURATELY with salespeople.


Our Consultative, none sales approach, works to a pre-agreed plan with 100% transparency across all areas, even pricing! We have an alternative offering, which delivers REAL ADVICE and CLEAR BENEFITS, unavailable through the industry standard resellers / dealers.


"TBA Group identifies what a Client NEEDS & NOT just what someone wants to SELL them... there's a big difference!"


Our alternative offering ensures Client's & TBA Group's goals are ALWAYS the same. Client's have a trusted supplier, who cover the whole lifecycle, and have a business model which GUARANTEES they are always advised on the optimum solution for THEIR BUSINESS / NEEDS.

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Our focus is on identifying the optimum business case for our clients, not finding opportunities to SELL hardware.

So, if you are looking for a supplier who can:

1. Remove the time, frustration and issues which arise when reviewing this area with Salespeople.

2. Review your business with genuine independence, providing REAL VALUABLE ADVICE.

3. Carry out a productive and accurate review, to identify the most cost effective solution for your needs.

4. Identify any assests which should be retained or re-utlised, not just automatically replaced.

5. Provide a trusted recommendation, under a model which removes EVERY conflict of interest.

6. Operate to a 100% transparent & pre-agreed pricing model, building trust and long term partnerships.

7. Service / Maintain all solutions to the highest level and provide guarantees over the term of the agreement.

8. Operate to a business model where interests and project goals are the same as yours, every time.


... then you should be talking to TBA GROUP


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